Queen’s leadership contrasts with Brexit and G7 – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Peter Packham, Shadwell Lane, Leeds.

The Queen meeting G7 leaders in Cornwall last week.

COULD I suggest Dick Lindley of Altofts (The Yorkshire Post, June 16) takes off his Union Jack glasses and engages in some fact checking?

Neither Emmanuel Macron nor Angela Merkel nor Ursula von der Leyen nor anybody else in the European Union is “punishing” the UK for leaving.

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However, what the European Union expects is that the UK adheres to a treaty it entered into freely, that it negotiated, that our Prime Minister signed and that was promoted as a great triumph. As Michel Barnier said: “I want Mr Johnson to respect his signature.”

The Queen meets President Joe Biden at Windsor Castle.

Brexiteers who demanded we leave the EU should not complain when the EU treats us as if we’ve left. Despite what Boris Johnson said, you cannot have your cake and eat it.

From: Thomas W Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden.

ANDREW Vine says it was “a downright lie” that leaving the EU would mean millions more for the NHS every week (The Yorkshire Post, June 15).

He should check Theresa May’s speech to the Royal Free Hospital in 2018 when she committed £394m a week, partly funded by “using the money we will no longer spend on our subscription to the EU”. So it seems a downright lie to say it’s a downright lie.

(Left to right) Carrie Johnson, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, US President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden walk outside Carbis Bay Hotel, Carbis Bay, Cornwall, ahead of the G7 summit in Cornwall.

From: James Buick, Northallerton.

I STRUGGLE to understand the pro-Donald Trump correspondence of William Rees, the latest being his personal offence at one of your editorials acknowledging the “quiet dignity” of Joe Biden (The Yorkshire Post, June 15).

Biden does, at the very least, behave like a statesman, as exemplified by his successful trip to Britain for the G7 and a meeting with the Queen.

From: Gareth Robson, Kent House Road, Beckenham.

GP Taylor writes (The Yorkshire Post, June 16) that he is an “ardent republican” while expressing recognition for the Queen’s diplomacy.

With republicans like him, who needs monarchists?

From: Sam Willmott, Bingley.

EMMANUEL Macron must be worried about his re-election 
in France, judging by the 
extent to which he was 
toadying up to the Queen at
the G7.

It was nauseating – I hope she gave him a duff racing tip!

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