Questions over greenness of power station

From: Barrie Frost, Watson’s Lane, Reighton, Filey.

I AM grateful for the information from Mrs Edna Austin (Yorkshire Post, June 15) that Goole and not Hull, as I had previously quoted, is the nearest port to Drax power station.

Having lived in Selby for 20 years, I was aware of this fact. I quoted Hull, a major east coast port, as I didn’t wish to cause further embarrassment to the ‘greens’ by being told the wood pellets, imported all the way from America, would dock at other far away ports, possibly on the west coast or even the south coast of England.

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However, as the subject of the port of Goole has been raised, is Goole capable of handling such huge cargoes? According to the biomass operator for Drax power station, 15 million tonnes of wood pellets will be imported annually, mainly from America and Canada. These will be sent in shipments of 50/60,000 tonnes which equates to around 320 journeys across the Atlantic ocean, resulting in an almost daily shipment.

The West Dock in Goole is the only one which is rail served, so is it able to handle a daily cargo of this size or has it even been chosen to do so?

Even if Goole port could be used, how does a ship arrive at its docks? Goole is an inland port so, unfortunately, the ship has to pass the sea port of Hull and continue to travel along the Humber and then the river Ouse, a distance of around 30 miles to reach Goole. The total distance the wood pellets have travelled from America is not in any way reduced, it merely results in them having an even longer journey by water.

Nor does this confusion address the real issue – 15 million tonnes of wood pellets are transported annually, an undisclosed distance from their production source, to an American port, then shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to a British port and finally to the final destination of Drax power station. How can it be claimed this operation is ‘saving the planet’?

Compare this to previous arrangements when coal was sent by rail a very short distance from northern pits. Coal has been demonised as a product which causes undesirable and unnecessary pollution, ignoring the fact that Britain is a world leader in clean coal technology, able to extract 90 per cent of CO2 emissions from the burning of coal.

No justice in Hall’s sentence

From: Philip Smith, New Walk, Beverley, East Yorkshire.

WHAT an absolute disgrace Stuart Hall’s 15-month sentence is (Yorkshire Post, June 18). What sort of deterrence is this to anyone? None. With good behaviour Hall will be out in seven and a half months – unless he is out even sooner.

Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce only served a quarter of their sentences.

From a position of trust, Hall indecently assaulted 13 young girls over 18 years. He then lied about his involvement, accusing his accusers of being cruel, pernicious and spurious when he was the cruel and pernicious person.

He only pleaded guilty when he realised the game was up.

Why are his 13 sentences allowed to run concurrently? That just encourages people to commit more offences, not less. The victims of his crimes must be horrified.

All their pain and torment over the years for a short prison sentence for this “frightened and bewildered man” who deserves to be both. He left his victims the same way.

This sentence shows that the ‘justice’ system is a joke.

There’s next to no justice in this sentence. The judge should be struck off.

Bring back common sense

From: David Schofield, Highfield Drive, Garforth, Leeds.

OVER recent years I have become increasingly disenchanted with our once great nation.

We have seen a decline in moral standards and traditional values, such as political corruption, same sex marriage, a health service which seems to be in dissaray, immigration almost out of (British) control, a legal system unable to deal effectively with terrorism, and a philosophy of political correctness.

We are told that we live in a multi-cultural society, and I believe that is true. It’s like walking down the high street of any town or city in the country. They all have the same shops, with little individuality.

Personally, I don’t much care for multi-culturalism, I would rather retain the traditional British culture, with a more rigorous immigration policy, although I would never support a ban on immigration.

Alas, I suspect that I am in a minority.

If I were a younger man, I would seriously consider forming a new political party. It’s name? The Fairplay and Common Sense Party. Anyone wish to join ?

In the picture

From: Dai Woosnam, Woodrow Park, Scartho, Grimsby.

IF nothing else comes out of the shocking pictures of an out of control Charles Saatchi, we can at least salute the paparazzo responsible for a great job well done.

Without them, Saatchi would never have accepted a police caution.