Rachel Reeves must set out Labour’s post-Brexit policy – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Tony Galbraith, Chantreys Drive, Elloughton, Brough.

Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves is the new Shadow Chancellor.

I WAS pleased to read in your report (The Yorkshire Post, May 15) that the new Shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves has ruled out the Labour Party trying to reverse Brexit.

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However, she needs to go further and also rule out rejoining the EU Single Market and Customs Union. Previously, Ms Reeves was a vocal advocate of remaining in these EU institutions – even after we had left – and which was known as taking the Norwegian option.

Shadow Chanclelor Rachel Reeves during a visit to Kirkstall Forge.

Such a course would be folly, however, as once again we would be making an annual balance of trade loss in goods of some £120bn annually.

There would be further closures of factories in the UK to be replaced by more modern ones on the continental mainland. We would be hamstrung in making decisions tailored to our own economy. It is clear, therefore, that Ms Reeves should take the extra step to benefit prosperity in this country.

From: Jas Olak, Vice Chair, Leeds for Europe, Riverside Way, Leeds.

LABOUR has been so quiet lately on Brexit that even the passing mention it got in your front-page interview with new Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves was refreshing.

Clearly, Brexit isn’t working but the Leeds West MP says Labour won’t reverse it – just “address elements” of Boris Johnson’s disastrous deal.

Probably the quickest and most effective way to “address elements” out of this Tory-created mess would be for the party that wants to form the next Government and whose supporters are already overwhelmingly progressive internationalists to commit to negotiate Norway and Switzerland-style non-member Single Market and Customs Union access with the European Union.

A bit like the one Boris Johnson and allies promised their Vote Leave supporters in 2016, but then reneged on amid pressure and influence from Conservative Party anti-EU extremists such as the absurdly-named European Research Group of MPs.

From: Keith Alford, Canterbury Crescent, Fulwood, Sheffield.

PETER Rickaby asks why an ex-Coronation Street actress of minimum political experience should be in the job of West Yorkshire Mayor (The Yorkshire Post, May 15).

I could ask why a second rate journalist of questionable political experience should be Prime Minister.

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