Regional inequalities? Life is so much better up North than it is down South - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Ian Richardson, Railway Street, Beverley.

Understandably, your news and opinion columns often focus on the regional inequalities within the UK. Of course, in many ways our region does not appear to get its fair share of investment and infrastructure.

Having lived in five Northern towns, for all but one of my 63 years, I have never been overly convinced that it is so grim up here.

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I have just come across the results of an annual survey of the very worst English towns in which to live - and it appears to give some objective evidence for my view.

A view of Bradford's skyline.A view of Bradford's skyline.
A view of Bradford's skyline.

In 2022, Aylesbury was deemed to be the worst, and this year all of the worst nine contenders are southern - including Croydon, Luton and Peterborough.

Only Bradford has the dubious honour of being in the bottom 10 - and I love Bradford! In some respects, levelling up is crucial for the North, but let's be honest and recognise that when one considers our relatively much easier access to fine countryside, better beer, and lack of congestion; for many of us quality of life in our region is often far better, than for those poor souls domiciled south of the Trent.