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From: Lucy McQuillan, Cliff Terrace, Aberystwyth.

One lettrer writer (The Yorkshire Post, July 4) thinks that “net zero is designed to make us cold, hungry, car-less and poor”, and that the UK should “start using our own natural fuels (coal, oil and gas), thereby saving us trillions of pounds”.

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One wonders how he came to such conclusions. Net zero is designed to allow us to transition into a low carbon economy where, yes, there will be fewer cars but there is no reason why we should be cold, hungry and poor. This is necessary because, if we don’t, life on earth for humans looks very bleak indeed.

An activist from the climate change group Extinction Rebellion (XR) holds a sign next to fellow protesters pretending to be dead under white sheets during a "Remember climate death" sit-in on the sidelines of the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow on November 11, 2021. Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images.

If we carry on using fossil fuels everything will not be hunky dory. We ignore the warnings of the UN, the Climate Change Committee, the IEA and close on 100 per cent of all climate scientists at our peril. David Attenborough has even warned us about the very likely breakdown of civilisation, if global heating is allowed to continue on its present path.

Lord Deben, chair of the CCC, said last week, on launching their annual Progress Report on the Government’s efforts to deal with this immense problem: “It’s rather odd to say that because gas prices are so high we should have more gas. That is not a sensible policy. Renewable energy is significantly cheaper than gas and reduces the prices for ordinary people and that’s why the Government should be concentrating on it.”

Energy efficiency, insulating homes and renewables should be our priorities. They will mean lower bills and warmer homes for us all. How are we going to save these trillions of pounds through the nonsense the letter writer is promoting? Where did they get their evidence?

From: Paul Brown, Sheffield.

Our Government has yet to consider the effect on the economy of the destruction of large parts of the oil industry in this country as a result of green policies.

It is planned to reduce our use of conventional motor fuels to the point where aviation fuel becomes our principal user of liquid fossil fuels.

Apparently the increase in annual air miles is to be unlimited while at the same time use of a motor vehicle for a journey to local supermarket or coffee shop is to be penalised by inflated costs.

The statements of politicians of all parties with regard to this issue is proof of how little attention they pay to the needs and wishes of ordinary people or the prosperity of small businesses.