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From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

Use By and Best Before date stamping on food continues to prompt much debate.

IT is little wonder that there is so much waste and quite a lot of it is caused by the Use By and Best Before date stamped on items that do not degrade by date.

I have just found some presentation talcum powder with a best before date of 2017. We shall, of course, use it but many people would throw it in the waste bin. I use the tests of eyes, common sense and nose to determine the use or not use factor. A sealed jar of jam is often usable long after the date printed on the label. So get back to ignoring the BB and UB rubbish.

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From: Mr AB Collier, Bridlington.

Use By and Best Before date stamping on food continues to prompt much debate.

WE are encouraged to buy British. My wife did some shopping at a well-known supermarket. Among her purchases were salad tomatoes from Poland and Cos lettuce from Germany.

Just what is going on, what is that all about? Then our local fruit market with strawberries from Holland. What encouragement to buy British?

From: Justin Beament, Crediton, Devon.

THE recently published National Food Strategy by Henry Dimbleby was established to make recommendations as to how to overcome Britain’s alarming obesity problem which is putting an enormous strain on the NHS, as well as increasing the incidence of cancer and heart disease.

This, combined with the reality of climate change, means that in order to reduce climate change we shall need to reduce our meat consumption substantially, hopefully eating less but better. 

After all the work that has gone into researching and compiling this report, why on earth has it been dismissed by the Prime Minister who says he won’t increase taxes on salt and sugar, the major causes of obesity and ill health?

Show effort deserves praise

From: Mrs Dot Townley, Seaton Ross, East Yorkshire..

I FEEL I must respond to Fergus Nicholson (The Yorkshire Post, July 17). I, too, attended the Great Yorkshire Show on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It would appear that Mr Nicholson and I had attended different shows. Having attended the GYS for almost 40 years, I was somewhat apprehensive about this year’s event.

It was so heartening to see how well the organisers had arranged everything bearing in mind that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Changes had been made and one-way systems were in place where needed. The marshals and stewards were helpful and friendly, as they always are, but dealt strictly with ‘would-be queue jumpers’.

My congratulations go to the director and organisers for making such a huge effort. The event is a showcase for farming and for Yorkshire, and is rightly named the best show in the world.

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