Reverse the one-way U-turn and end chaos

From: Andrew Mitchell, 
Fern Bank, Otley.

WITH regard to Otley’s latest one-way system, which is causing traffic chaos, I watched an ambulance, blue lights flashing, trying to thread its way along Pool Road through two lines of traffic queuing down to Knotford Nook, its driver incandescent.

Car drivers were desperately trying to worm their way around parked vehicles like a scene from War of The Worlds.

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This is caused by the idiotic reversal of an ill-devised one-way system and the coup de grâce of allowing vehicles to be abandoned on both sides of a main road by selfish rugby watchers. How it has come to this is bewildering. Leeds City Council, embarrassed with the gridlock on Leeds Road caused by their master plan of creating a few parking bays along Walkergate, was forced to make changes and the brains trust came up with a better idea – reverse the one way system.

Who is doing the thinking behind this scheme? Fred Karno? The Marx Brothers? Mr Bean?

Now it’s Pool Road’s turn. A road that is far too narrow and has become too hazardous for this volume of traffic. Get a grip, Leeds City Council, erase those parking bays on Walkergate, let the residents park with a permit in the adjacent car park and return Otley to how it was.