Riding the bounds

From: Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon.

IN the otherwise excellent letter from Dennis Cairns (Yorkshire Post, June 2), he stated that “Barnoldswick, once in the West Riding of Yorkshire, is now for administrative reasons in Lancashire”.

Indeed it is, but surely those historic Ridings are still extant, despite the local government boundary changes in 1974?

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What is needed is Ridings signs to be introduced on all major roads in Yorkshire at the entry points to our historic Ridings. The Ridings are still there, and we need to shout it ever louder.

Paying the price for high streets

From: Stanley Parr, Maple Avenue, Pershore, Worcs.

THE news that our munificent Government has “donated” £1.2m towards the rejuvenation of our many nearly derelict high streets, is highly welcome. Before we all open the Champagne, two things are worth noting:

This £1.2m is actually to be shared between 12 different councils;

That £1.2m is the same amount our Government sends to our friends in Brussels – every hour, of every day and has done so non-stop for the past 40 years!

Missing items

From: Paul Emsley, Hellifield, near Settle.

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WITH all these rich people now driving around in expensive German cars, you’d think they could afford the model which had indicators, rear-view mirrors and light switches fitted as standard, wouldn’t you?

Star turn

From: Mrs CE Brawn, Galphay, North Yorkshire.

WE recently took some American guests to The Star at Harome and could not have been better served.

It’s nice to know that rural Yorkshire can so impress our foreign friends and it’s about time that Andrew Pern’s star was returned.