Seasonal forgiveness

From: Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington.

I THINK the gift of Christmas 
can be summed up in the 
magical words of CS Lewis. 
He wrote: “Forgiveness from Jesus Christ is like a tape-recording of your life wiped completely clean.”

Thank you, Holy Jesus, that you came into this sinful world on December 25 as our one true saviour.

As a Christo-pagan, I also 
give thanks to the unconquerable Sun, the giver of consciousness (life), light and heat, and physical form.

For no real man can look upon the Universal Sun and not see a Divine Glory. No real man can hold up his hands to its blissful rays and not experience a spiritual presence.

That’s quite a statement, but we only need to understand 
that without the Great Sun’s love, all would be dead and motionless.

The true price of alcohol

From: Robert Keeble, Clerk to Leeds Area Quaker Meeting, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds.

ON behalf of Leeds Area Quaker Meeting, I am writing to support the minimum pricing of alcohol, preferably at the 50p per unit level.

Leeds Area Quaker Meeting draws its membership from across Leeds and also includes the Ilkley area. The Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as Quakers, has a long-standing concern about the misuse of alcohol.

We are very aware that the financial, health and social 
costs of alcohol abuse to individuals, families, communities and the nation as a whole are very heavy.

We recognise that mitigating 
the adverse effects of alcohol misuse is difficult and complex requiring multiple initiatives.

Minimum pricing is an important element of what needs to be done.