Send Wembley thugs to a month-long boot camp to teach them how to behave: Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Marilyn S Shaw, Thornhill.

Stewards tackle a pitch invader during the UEFA Euro 2020 Final at Wembley Stadium, London. Picture: Mike Egerton/PA Wire

England’s team, from Gareth Southgate down to the last member of the squad, must be heartily congratulated for their splendid performance throughout the European Championships. They have shown themselves to be star performers and brought much joy and pride at time when this was so very much needed. Congratulations must also be extended to our Italian neighbours on there win which was a well-played match.

What must be said is the minority of thugs who behave in such a way as to make one cringe to say they are called English or British. No animal in the world but only humans would behave in this way. I was appalled to see and read of their totally disgusting behaviour and the racist abuse which was online and followed the match. As a Yorkshire woman, English and British because of my inheritance I was embarrassed and ashamed. I do not want the rest of the world to judge us by these thugs.

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Having said that, I think it is time we addressed the situation from a different angle, and whilst other countries have some form of conscription we do not. It would seem that the training done by recruits into the forces was applied to these thugs (a boot camp in other words), whereby they underwent at least one month’s training in hard physical work, during which time they also had lessons in social behaviour. Rather than a fine and a term of a week in prison, this would serve them better.

These thugs need to be taught how to behave and be useful citizens. Before the PC Woke brigade yell ‘Human Rights’ let us say – we, the general public have human rights and that is not to be subjected to such anti-social behaviour. Enough is enough – if they haven’t learned manners during their early years, let them learn them now.

From: Martin J Phillips, Tinshill Lane, Leeds.

The recent final involving England saw hooligans and thugs without tickets forcing their way into Wembley Stadium; some ‘fans’ booing players who took the knee before kick-off and the racist abuse of black players through social media after Sunday’s game – but also throughout the season.

Football has been an ugly rather than beautiful game for nearly half a century. Supporters have to be segregated and players are now getting paid ludicrous wages with transfer fees that are off the scale.

On the pitch there is constant cheating: touchline throw-ins from nowhere near where the ball exited the field of play; similarly, free-kicks taken metres nearer the goal than where the foul took place; defensive ‘walls’ creeping forward; players diving to get a penalty; players acting and faking serious injuries to try to get an opposing player sent off; arguments with the referee or other officials and false claims for handball.

I stopped watching football in 1980. Football used to be a form of recreation that you enjoyed either as a player or a supporter. It was just a game – now it’s more like an evil cult.

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