Shedding light on history

From: Margaret Thompson, Pinfold Close, Barkisland, Halifax.

I WAS very interested in reading the feature about “the pioneers of industry who left their mark on the modern world” (Yorkshire Post, November 3).

The gentleman of particular interest was John Smeaton who was given the task of designing the construction of the Eddystone Lighthouse, following the previous two lighthouses being destroyed by the weather.

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My grandfather, Mr Robert Cecil Hoyle of Dewsbury, a master engraver, made the plaque that is attached to the Eddystone Lighthouse on Plymouth Hoe.

This was presented by the Lord Mayor of Leeds in 1936.

My husband and I have visited the lighthouse on many occasions.

Aberrant apostrophes

From: Richard Killip, Thomas Fyre Drive, London.

THE apostrophe, properly used, indicates possession or omission. It should not be used before an “s” to mark a plural, irrespective of what Microsoft Office’s inbuilt, and flawed, spelling and grammar checker might suggest.

Richard Catlow’s otherwise excellent article, Vote for Yorkshire’s Greatest...Trailblazers (Yorkshire Post, November 3), was let down by speaking of “the Joseph’s” as opposed to “the Josephs” when referring to Messrs Rowntree and Rank.

Church attack ‘hypocritical’

From: Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington.

IS the Church of England not being hypocritical in attacking the rich – which is a correct thing to do – when it is the largest landowner south of the Scottish border?

Maybe the church could spread more of its wealth among the needy of this country, close and knock down its disused buildings or convert them to houses for the young families.

There is not a prayer in hell of that happening. Nothing has changed from centuries gone by.