‘Shovel ready’ projects needed

From: William Burton, Interim Chief Executive, Construction Industry Training Board, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

MAJOR infrastructure projects will not benefit Yorkshire for some years (Yorkshire Post, July 26).

What we urgently need is an acceleration of investment in ‘shovel ready’ projects – such as the recent announcement to invest in the repair and maintenance of Britain’s road network – which will underpin the recovery and make a 
crucial difference to jobs 
and skills in the immediate future.

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Each £100m invested in this area can create 3,200 jobs, so the potential impact is huge.

Construction can be at the heart of UK growth and now is the time to make it happen.

How to gauge wind power

From: Mrs A Painter, Spring Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

IT seems to me quite simple to calculate whether wind turbines are a complete waste of money or the way forward for future electricity.

All someone has to do is camp underneath one for a year, recording when it twirls round on its own naturally (by the power of wind alone). My guess is it won’t be much; problem solved!

Sensible idea from Iceland

From: Ron Jevons, Muncastergate, York.

I HAVE just returned from an enjoyable visit to Iceland and whilst in the capital Reykjavik learned of a system which I think we could do well to incorporate into our strategy in the UK.

During their extended three month summer break the local children, aged from 11 to 14 years, are paid a salary/wage for working a five-day week picking up litter and generally making the surrounds of their city look respectable.

This would make a complete change from our system whereby children of a similar age are not paid a salary and spend their time distributing litter for others to clear away.