Spend money on flood defences rather than ‘green’ energy

From: Barrie Frost, Watson’s Lane, Reighton, Filey.

SUPPORTERS of the installation of wind turbines and wind farms appear to be travelling down a one-way street at ever greater speed in an out-of-control juggernaut, unable to stop and consider whether they are correct, a situation which cannot be ignored at any time but absolutely essential due to the financial state of our country.

The huge sums of money and resources they are using is money which we do not have and which is only obtained by borrowing, yet Britain is already over £1 trillion in debt. Their efficiency must, surely, be beyond question.

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Despite the condemnation of wind turbines by many respected and knowledgeable people, taxpayers’ money continues to be used to carry out these very dubious policies. It seems Britain is so far ‘down the road’ in wind farm ‘green’ energy policies that it would be embarrassing, in the extreme, for it to even consider that wind turbines can never, ever, be efficient.

Indeed, due to conventional power stations still having to be used for back-up purposes and thus not operating at their greatest efficiency, any savings in providing cleaner energy may be very limited, but this must not be permitted to enter any discussion about their worth. No, Britain has agreed targets for the installation of wind turbines so, apparently, nothing must halt this process and we cannot stop to discuss any opposing views and planning objections or doubts about their use must be doomed to fail.

But will you benefit from wind farms? Will we, the energy user, look forward to cheaper energy bills? Will they guarantee future energy supplies? You cannot be serious! Energy bills will continue to be loaded with ‘green’ taxes to fund this folly and we will still need power stations as the energy provided by wind turbines is minimal, but the relatively small number of landowners who agree to have turbines on their land will, surprise, surprise, be very keen to support their use and receive their large financial rewards.

Mr Nature? After the recent devastation he has wrought through Superstorm Sandy and the devastating floods suffered by many in Britain, he must sit back amazed at the sheer stupidity of humans in believing installing thousands of windmills will overcome or limit his power.

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I have to ask one simple question, why don’t we stop throwing money away and desecrating the countryside and instead use this money for building flood defences, dredging silted-up river beds and clearing the many dykes as we used to do? This is work we are able to do, is very worthwhile and if we cannot beat nature we can, at least, provide worthwhile protection from its devastation.

Millions of people would benefit; their homes would be protected from the awful misery recently witnessed; businesses maintained and allowed to continue trading; villages, towns and cities no longer no-go areas and most importantly lives would be saved. And, this is not a ‘pie in the sky’ dream and it would result in vast sums of money being saved and all this would be done using our own labour instead of profiting foreign companies.

Too simple? Yes, it requires a little common sense, but, sadly, this is probably expecting too much.