Sporting observations

From: David J Whitehead, Sunnydale Crescent, Hinckley, Leicestershire.

FOLLOWING his announcement that he would be leaving his employment with your newspaper (Yorkshire Post, December 9), may I take this opportunity to express my thanks, and no doubt reflect 
the same of many other 
readers, to Nick Ahad for his erudite and entertaining articles on the arts and of course, his sporting observations, not least on cricket.

His contributions over many years have been hugely entertaining and I can honestly say that he will be sadly missed.

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Nevertheless, I would like to extend very best wishes for every success and good fortune in his future post.

And another thing.... might there be a curtain call or one final innings to enjoy before his final bow?

Bravo Nick, and thanks again.

No laughing matter

From: Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

DO your readers, like me, 
not think it is time we restored traditional comedians 
who can make us laugh – unlike the present fakes who have 
to swear, refer to sex, make indecent remarks and dip 
into the deepest tanks of 
swill to attract debauched audiences in order to swell viewing figures?

Many of the latter are parents. Are they proud of themselves when their children watch their filth?