Stop high street banks making mugs of us by halting branch closures

From: Karl Sheridan, Old Lea, Holme upon Spalding Moor.

santander and other banks are coming under fire for branch closures.

THE Government really needs to take action to stop large banks from making mugs of us in rural areas. I currently have my personal account and my ISA with Santander who recently closed both the Selby branch and the Goole branch, happily sending me a letter informing me that the next nearest branch was Doncaster.

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Yorkshire Bank owners to cut 500 jobs and shut seven branches in the region

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It’s not – Beverley is closer but still a good 12 miles away making it very inconvenient and expensive to visit.

Should there be a moratorium on bank branch closures?

I now discover that Barclays is also closing its branch in Pocklington, a branch where my business account is kept and where I have to deposit actual cash in coins and cheques each week for a charity organisation.

Come April, I shall be transferring my Santander account and my ISA to another high street bank – if I can find one – because I believe in good old values of personal service on a face to face basis with banks.

This exploitation needs to be halted, especially as our older generation do not always have access to the internet or, indeed, knowhow to conduct online banking. This situation demands action now!