Supermarket’s online service a boon for elderly

From: Dr Sheila Hopkinson. Gorman Close, Chesterfield.

SO many readers seem to constantly find fault with the supermarkets and, although I do not give them unconditional praise, I would point out one area where their existence and services are much appreciated and indeed vital.

I am 82 years of age, becoming increasingly less mobile due to arthritis and a chronic lung disease which makes me very short of breath, especially in the winter. I use local traders who deliver to my door: fishmonger, milkman, greengrocer and, of course, the paper girl who brings the Yorkshire Post.

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However, when the weather is particularly bad and I need more than these can provide, I can get online, send my shopping list to my favourite supermarket, via their website, pick a day and time for delivery which is convenient to me. The shopping is not only delivered but brought right into my kitchen. For people in similar circumstances I think you will agree such a service is invaluable.

This brings me to my second point. Purists may moan about the demise of the high street but the advent of online shopping for someone in my circumstances is again a blessing.

One example is when I need my former racing greyhound’s special dried food. The local shops do not stock it and if they can order it for me they do not deliver. I can order it online and within 24 hours Royal Mail Parcel Service is at my door with the 15kg bag of food. Whether I am looking for books, clothing or to order a prescription I can do so in warmth and comfort. Who can argue with that?