Supply of new cancer drugs must be speeded up after Brexit – Yorkshire Post Letters

Cancer treatment is in the spotlight.
Cancer treatment is in the spotlight.
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From: Professor J A Double, Carlinghow Hill, Upper Batley.

THE article by Harriet Sutton (The Yorkshire Post, January 29) says to me that little has changed since I argued along the same lines with the EMEA (European Medicines Agency) some 20 years ago.

What should be the rights of patients over new cancer treatments?

What should be the rights of patients over new cancer treatments?

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Regulators simply do not understand that there is an unmet need for new and effective treatments for cancer, they do not accept that where current therapies have failed, patients are willing to try something that maybe “experimental” in the regulators’ eyes but is based on based on excellent science and rigorous preclinical evaluation.

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However, I do understand where some of the caution may have arisen. Sadly we have become a more litigious society, there needs to be a significant change in the law where informed consent means what it says and there can be no comeback if things do not work.

Hopefully these issues will be grasped by those in authority and more patients will survive, and cancer will be beaten sooner.

From: Peter Rickaby, Selby.

THE Government must tackle “social care”. For years, successive administrations 
have said “the matter is under review”.

Also they claim finance is an overriding feature. Not so when they can afford to waste £120bn on HS2 and foreign aid.