Taking pride in our identity as a nation

From: Jack Brown, Lamb Lane, Monk Bretton, Barnsley.

AM I alone in finding modern regional and national attitudes demeaning? Burgeoning “Yorkshireism” is the antithesis of our traditional, wry, sardonic pride. What remains of that Viking/Anglo Saxon “stiff upper lip” is lost in the indignity of the European begging bowl. I doubt if any of the servicemen mourned this week or the ex-servicemen who have served with mates from all over Britain would subscribe to these modern sensibilities.

“Home rule for Yorkshire” used to be a sarcastic, hyperbolic response to devolution for the Celts. It has now become a bone of contention between those who distrust all politicians and those who would have the pork barrel closer to the kitchen.

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On the national stage, we are humiliatingly reneging on contractual agreements with Europe and demanding political changes most of our partners do not want. Let them keep what they want, but it was never for us and it still isn’t for us.

A trade deficit of almost £6bn with Germany alone was recently announced. Those who support this subservience include industrialists who have sold our major industries to foreigners and farmers who would rather have hand-outs than to get us back not only to self-sufficiency but to being a major exporter.

Does anyone really believe that we can’t negotiate a free trade agreement or are we, to use Margaret Thatcher’s dialect, “frit” of taking the first step to freedom?

My Dad used to say “Pride beats everything”. The whining and procrastination of all political parties except Ukip is an offence to our buccaneering history. Let’s just get on with reasserting the independence we want and need.

From: Dick Appleyard, Saxilby, Near Lincoln.

RE the question ‘Should Yorkshire be a county or a country?’ (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, November 8). I don’t know why this debate and argument has cropped up. What would happen in this country if Yorkshire became a country rather than a county?

Would that mean that one day Yorkshire would get a referendum on Yorkshire independence? I believe 100 per cent that such a situation will never, ever happen. Yorkshire is a county. the name Yorkshire has the suffix “shire” in its name, meaning county. So Yorkshire is a county and will always be a county.

From: David Cook, Parkside Close, Cottingham.

DAVID Cameron is protesting vehemently that no interest will be paid on outstanding debts to the EU. I wonder how he feels about a graduate’s university fees? As they finish their courses owing maybe £30,000, interest payments will already have kicked in. As these are linked to the cost of living, the amount to be paid in future years will always be something of a mystery.

Over a period of 30 years no one, least of all David Cameron, will have any idea what these might rise to. If debt is so bad for the UK why is it, apparently, fine for graduates?

The basis of our values

From: Canon Michael Storey, Healey Wood Road, Brighouse.

THE national debate about “British Values” both amuses and disappoints me.

This country has, for centuries, based its laws and values on The Ten Commandments. These were given to the Jews some twelve hundred years before Jesus was born, accepted by Christianity from His lifetime onwards and subsequently accepted by Islam in the seventh century.

Surely the simple way of getting all schools to teach the same values is to go back to the Ten Commandments, which cover all avenues of living for anyone?

Permits for using tip

From: Andrew Vever, York.

I WAS interested in Mr Madden’s experience in Leeds regarding taking waste to his local tip. In York we have a quite reasonable system whereby householders have to obtain a permit if they want to take waste in a van, pick-up or by trailer.

This is to prevent businesses taking in commercial waste. I thought this system also operates in Leeds?

Flying start to love of racing

From: Robert Beaumont, Minskip Lodge, Minskip, York.

CONGRATULATIONS on Tom Richmond’s absolutely brilliant piece on racing journalist and broadcaster Alastair Down (The Yorkshire Post, November 14). I can’t remember when I last enjoyed an article in The Yorkshire Post so much.

My first memories of racing are also connected with that wonderful grey Nicholas Silver, but it was in 1962, when Fred Winter’s Kilmore won the National. I had put one shilling on Nicolaus Silver and watched spellbound, on a neighbour’s black and white TV set, as the race unfolded. Nicolaus Silver came seventh, and my shilling was lost, but – like Alastair Down – I was hooked.

From: Tom Johnson, Hull.

THANK you for rekindling so many memories of Peter Easterby’s great horse Night Nurse. Without this horse, I’d probably not be such an avid fan of racing, and can relate to every word of Tom Richmond’s article.