Taxed by this writer’s stance

From: David Gray, Buttershaw Lane, Liversedge, West Yorkshire.

I WAS completely surprised by article written by Andrew 
Vine (Yorkshire Post, February 
25) regarding his tax 

While I can quite understand some people being confused, it is strange that someone who is used to journalism and intelligent investigation did not appreciate the system.

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The ‘Revenue’ have for some time tried to streamline their processes and it is important to understand them.

Any reminding is wasting resources of time and paper and postage that are paid for out of the taxes collected.

Bad egg

From: A Wyatt, Pocklington.

MY husband and I have been avid viewers of Eggheads for a long time. How disappointing to switch on to last Mondays’ Revenge of the Egghead.

We realise that it takes all sorts but CJ de Mooi is so full of himself that we will not watch again while he is on. Jeremy Vine may feel that it is a smart career move. I am not sure.

Clean slates

From: Andrew Suter, Station Road, Ampleforth.

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I REFER to the immunity certificates effectively issued to murderers on the IRA side of the Troubles, initially issued by Tony Blair and chums. Having just listened to some left wing oik at a pub in Swaledale, my counter question is “so why are we still pursuing septuagenarians, ie Bloody Sunday soldiers?”

Wrong’s wrong and if we wish to wipe one slate clean we should wipe both slate clean.

I don’t agree with any of the fudge but a fudge is a fudge and it simply must be even handed.

Pope Fergie?

From: Dai Woosnam, Woodrow Park, Scartho, Grimsby.

FIVE days have have passed and still it rumbles on: is David Moyes fit for purpose? One thing for sure is that Sir Alex Ferguson is the only man in the world who could appoint his own successor.