Temperatures are rising across globe

From: Stephen Walter Watson, Farnley, Leeds.

IN a warm climate, people turn on the air conditioning on a hot day. In our country, we turn up the thermostat on the central heating when the weather turns cold.

The new Royal Society report (The Yorkshire Post, November 27) warns that the global mean temperature is likely to rise by a minimum of 2.6°C and a maximum of 4.8°C by the end of the century. This is likely to cause more “killer heatwaves” and more flooding, the flooding being the consequence of freak rain storms. The proof that global warming and its twin sister, climate change, is now happening is there for all to see. Here in Leeds, garden flowers, normally well past their “bloom by date” have been seen in our gardens this month.

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The responses to these questions have been polarised.

Some people are in complete denial. Some have become fanatical advocates of carbon reduction targets. Wind farms have found favour with government, and with landowners. Mr Makin (The Yorkshire Post, November 28) points out that these windmills operate at only 30 per cent of planned efficiency. Solar power would seem to me to be a better bet.

Solar panels have a guaranteed year round efficiency. Taxpayers’ money would be better invested in them, than in wind turbines.

Meanwhile governments all over the world need to start to repair the world’s “cooling system” – that is the forests. Many millions of trees have been sacrificed to human activity. Maybe our national aid budget could be diverted to efforts to replace the lost trees?

We need urgent action before our whole country becomes a vast, sprawling housing estate.

Firm’s credit card folly

From: Mr B Townend, Maple Drive, Oakley, Doncaster.

I WANTED to insure my Sky TV appliances with Sky Protect, which is underwritten by Domestic and General, and gave them my credit card details for them to take the premium.

I paid the premium by my credit card (Mastercard) but on November 21 received a letter from Sky saying that they had got the wrong numbers for my credit card and couldn’t therefore collect the premium. Much to my surprise there was a tear-off slip at the bottom of the letter from Sky Protect asking me to confirm the type of credit card, my card number and expiry date.

I thought this was a scam as who in their right minds would want to put their credit card details in the post?

The letter could have been sent by anyone and the completed form could be intercepted by anyone.

So I rang the telephone number given on the letter and was assured it wasn’t a scam and they genuinely always asked for credit card information in this way. I admit I was very rude and asked them what planet they lived on. Anyone could have sent that letter and then used the details. Why couldn’t they have just dealt with it over the telephone? Why would anyone wish to put their credit card details in writing?

The other morning, I got a letter from Domestic & General direct which says they are looking thoroughly into my concerns.

I have recently seen a feature on TV about scams. It does make you wonder. Not all people would think twice and simply send their details back in the post. It is most worrying.

A lack of investment

From: GJC Reid, Whitby.

I WOULD suggest one reason for the current skills shortages is that too many firms regard training as a cost or expense rather than an investment.

of war

From: Arthur Quarmby, Underhill, Holme.

BRITAIN and America’s 13 years-long and inconclusive war in Afghanistan has at last been brought to an end.

So will there now be an assessment to see whether what has been achieved is good value when set against the cost in money (enough, perhaps, to pay off the Government’s £100bn debt), and in deaths and mutilations?

Hot air and electioneering

From: Gordon Bray, Golcar.

IF you are travelling in heavy traffic between Manchester and Sheffield, look up into the sky and you will see David Cameron in a hot air balloon in the shape of a giant pork pie with a price tag of £6bn (The Yorkshire Post, December 1).

This will be followed by a huge pig with wings towing an banner in the shape of a humbug with the words “Vote Conservative” on the side. These phenomena should be visible every day until the election next year when they will vanish in a puff of smoke.

Wold tour

From: Margaret Hartley, Bingley.

ANOTHER week when I am exhausted from reading the Wolds Diary (Country Week, November 29). More like a thrash around the vast extremities of the county; not to mention never-ending health issues and those of the dogs.