The Piece Hall's summer of music with Paul Weller and more has boosted Halifax - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Stephen Naylor, Piece Hall Ambassador, Brighouse.

Over the past four weeks, The Piece Hall has brought some of the world’s biggest music stars to our area, along with tens of thousands of visitors investing hundreds of thousands into our economy.

It is a huge achievement that has boosted Halifax, Calderdale and Yorkshire on an international stage and I wanted to thank everyone who has made it happen – and it is a long list.

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From the inspirational Nicky Chance-Thompson and her incredible hard-working team who day-after-day opened a place that is the beating heart of the community during daytime before transforming it into a world-beating live music venue as dusk fell.

The Piece Hall, Halifax. Pic: Tony Johnson.

From the cleaners and security to the caterers and sign language interpreters who are all too often the unsung heroes of the events.

From the independent shops and businesses that line the precincts of the building and show incredible entrepreneurial spirit, epitomised by Mark and Sarah at Loafers who inspired Paul Weller’s booking and who were visited by the man himself, to the cafes, restaurants and retailers beyond the gates who were buzzing each time we welcomed a star.

Events like this don’t happen often, and they don’t happen by chance.

We should be incredibly proud by what is happening here, in this place where we live and I am excited to see what happens next at The Piece Hall and for us all.