The Sheffield Green Party needs to start engaging with the electorate - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Matthew Smith, Hillsborough, Sheffield.

According to their Twitter Sheffield Green Party are "cooperatively leading" Sheffield Council (whatever that means).

In plain English the Greens are junior partners in a coalition which has kept Labour in power. From a residents perspective very little, if anything, seems to have changed.

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Labour's volunteer libraries have been kept in place. The Central Library continues to fall to bits.

'The Central Library continues to fall to bits'. PIC: James Hardisty.'The Central Library continues to fall to bits'. PIC: James Hardisty.
'The Central Library continues to fall to bits'. PIC: James Hardisty.

The bus service goes from one crisis to the next, with no signs yet of the long mentioned but seemingly evasive quality contracts.

I am reading many examples on social media and elsewhere which prove the need for much better standards in student accommodation and social housing.

The last tweet I can find about student accommodation from the Greens is from 2020 and only mentions their opinion on the amount of it being built (note: nothing on the standards students living in it have to endure).

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For a party which has all three councillors in Central ward, where most of the student accommodation is, this is a pretty large oversight.

On social housing the only tweet I can find is from 2021; a vague promise of "we do want to improve renters rights and invest in building more social housing" with no further detail given.

The Central ward councillors don't even provide surgeries. Might I politely suggest that the Green councillors in Central ward in particular start talking to residents in social housing and student accommodation about their experiences and lobby for improvements.

With five councillors, the Greens can call council meetings as and when they like, so one on the housing situation would be most welcome.

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The pinned tweet on the Sheffield Greens twitter account asks for donations for the upcoming elections in Sheffield.

The Green councillors in Sheffield Central in particular don't seem to be providing the service they were elected to and are paid to do in terms of consulting with local residents. It's about time we got the service we pay for.

In terms of donating, I will be giving to a local food bank or baby bank.