‘They’ are the majority... against bloodsport!

From: Mr R Turner, Hollybank Avenue, Upper Cumberworth, Huddersfield.

I FIND myself bound to contest the disdainful comments in Charlotte Cooper’s article (The Yorkshire Post, December 26) from the Countryside Alliance where she states “they” did not believe we had it in us.

May I remind her, that “they” are the majority of the British public, against a major barbaric bloodsport!

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Her views are backed with the comment “not even the fox has benefited” when indeed it has. It is a lot better to be shot, than torn to pieces by a pack of dogs at a rate of maybe 30 to one, or more (conveniently not mentioned).

Ironically British, yes, I enjoy the Boxing Day meets, the hunt carries on with scent trails without the “barbarity/bloodletting” involved.

I read years ago of someone being chased by bloodhounds, (you could pay for this experience at the time, maybe you still can.)

The comments afterwards of terror as the hounds ran them down, even knowing they would be safe!

The fox has no get-out – he ends up in pieces.

Keep your blood lust to yourself Charlotte.

Don’t encourage others – leave them to follow modern trail hunting!

Society will be a lot better off in time.