This uncaring philosophy...

From: Brian Hardy, All Hallowes Drive, Tickhill.

it is quite obvious that Nick Hayns (Yorkshire Post, January 26) does not see workers as human beings but mere objects of bondage to be used and discarded at will by the business community.

No concessions whatsoever are made. The minimum wage, legal protection, unfair dismissal, national pay scales, trade union rights etc, all must go.

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I would suggest any employer who cannot at least pay the national wage has no right being in business.

This uncaring Right-wing philosophy has no place in any civilised society.

Making of an oaf

From: M Rawnsley, Huddersfield Road, Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield.

THERE must be many parents and grandparents who wish that the mummies and daddies of James May and Richard Hammond would discourage their children from playing with that dreadful Clarkson boy.

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His naughty pranks, encouraged by the BBC, are setting a very dangerous example to other impressionable little boys. Perhaps Jeremy’s mummy should confiscate his little motor car, smack his bottom and stop his pocket money until his behaviour improves. Otherwise, that boy is going to grow up to be a great, ill-mannered and irresponsible oaf.

Nature’s gift

From: Michael Iveson, Summerbridge, Harrogate.

I WAS interested in Brian Sturdy’s letter (Yorkshire Post, February 4, and his suggestion that money should be spent on repairing potholes rather than traffic calming methods.

Better still, could I suggest that hard-pressed councils simply leave the potholes where they are, and use them as traffic calming measures. We should use what nature has given us for free.