Those who are playing God with our climate

From: Jacqui Butterworth, Lady Lane, Dalton, Huddersfield.

WHAT is going on with the weather?

Our weather has become extreme and unpredictable leading many to cite prophecies of the end of time as an explanation.

But are these weather events natural, or are they being 
created by advanced technologies?

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The disturbing reality is that our weather is being manipulated for profit. Geo-engineers are “playing God” with our climate.

Climate modification programmes which scientists are promoting with the stated goal of slowing global warming are described in Government patents and documents.

Officials deny that the programmes have been implemented, yet rainwater samples reveal dangerously high levels of the same metals that geoengineers propose to spray into the atmosphere.

Erratic weather patterns, eye witness reports, health statistics, and plant life deterioration make it evident that geo-engineering now controls our weather.

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Jets spray heavy metals across the sky. Governments (our money) and private investors (government grants?) pay for it. The public though remains largely unaware.

We are inhaling nanoparticles of deadly heavy metals with every breath.

Asthma, autism, attention deficit disorders and Alzheimer’s have risen dramatically in recent years. These programmes are a crime against humanity and a threat to all life on earth.