Trees on the Chevin stand in memory of war

From: Andrew McKeon, Throstle Nest Close, Otley.

ANDREW Vine’s moving account (The Yorkshire Post, August 23) about how the trees planted in the Yorkshire Wolds by Joseph Turner are a memorial to 
those who died in the First 
World War, reminded me of another local wooded area in our region that is also a war memorial.

The Danefield Estate is a large part of what is today Chevin Forest Park and was donated to the people of Otley in 1944 by local landowners, the Fawkes of nearby Farnley Hall who asked that “as an open space beautified by trees and preserved in a natural state it might offer an opportunity as a memorial to all who fought and furthered the war of freedom on all fronts”.

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Most of the trees on that part of the Chevin had been felled for the war effort and the trees today are largely no more than 70 years old.

Since that act of generosity, the public have been able to enjoy a wonderful area which has been developed into today’s Chevin Forest Park providing a haven for wildlife and enjoyment for thousands. The next time you walk on the Chevin, perhaps give quiet thanks to those in whose memory this generous gift was made.

I also wonder if there are any similar memorials elsewhere in Yorkshire.