Untidy parts of Calderdale off-putting to tourists - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Peter Hanson, Halifax.

In the evening of July 11, I was walking past the base of Wainhouse Tower, one of Halifax’s most famous landmarks, I saw three information boards placed strategically around the base to show visitors the places of interest in the distant view.

The only thing enthusiastic visitors to this iconic landmark see is overgrown trees.

Sadly, this is how many residents and visitors see Calderdale these days – totally overgrown with weeds and unmanaged trees and bushes. The streets are untidy.

Wainhouse Tower in Halifax. Pic: Tony Johnson.

Many footpaths are hazardous because of weeds growing rampantly at the path edges and trees being left to block footpaths with branches sprouting from their bases.

Come on Calderdale Council, isn’t it time you took pride in our area? Calderdale residents deserve better. You want to portray Halifax and Calderdale as a tourist destination. Well, if you want to be a tourist venue you should start to act like one.

Calderdale residents are not getting their money’s worth. We, by law, have to pay council tax.

If residents could choose an alternative provider of services who could deliver a proper service which kept the streets, parks and tourist attractions clean and tidy – something to be proud of, I am sure we would.

Instead we are paying a high price for little or no service.

Perhaps the councillors and senior officers of Calderdale Council should visit the places they promote to potential tourists and visitors.