The utterly terrifying reality of breaking down on a smart motorway: Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Andy Hicks, Skipton.

What do you think of smart motorways?

There have been a number of articles and letters recently about the dangers of smart motorways.

Time to end catastrophic smart motorways and put safety first - Anne McIntoshOne of the points raised about them is the two-and-a-half miles between refuge areas which are clearly safer than stopping in a live lane. However, I had experience of one of these refuges a couple of years ago.

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My husband was killed on a smart motorway - now I want Highways England investigated They are short lay-bys and leaving them is difficult as you have to try to get some speed up before entering the slow lane.

Fortunately I have a four wheel drive car (no wheel spin) but accelerating on to a busy motorway from a standing start in the dark when it is raining is utterly terrifying.

Smart motorways are just not safe.