A view that says it all about wind power failure

From: David Tankard, Birkdale Avenue, Knaresborough.

YOU quoted a Kelda spokesman as saying that wind farms slash energy costs (Yorkshire Post, February 1).

A few days before, we had walked up Guise Cliff near Pateley Bridge in snow and brilliant sunshine.

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There was a fantastic view from the top, starting with the system of reservoirs that improved the lives of those in Bradford, past the old industries and farms of Nidderdale providing employment and food for the locals, and finally to what we are told is the future for energy production typified by the windmills on Knabbs Ridge.

None of the wind turbines were working, while in the background, Ferrybridge C, Eggborough and Drax appeared to be working to full capacity.

Some of what they were doing was no doubt to replace that which wind power wasn’t generating.

Meanwhile we the customers are having to pay for both, the wind turbines being paid even when not generating, hardly slashing energy costs.

Only massive subsidies make wind power viable.

How can it be legal to subsidise the wind turbine companies while allegedly not being allowed to support our own manufacturing industry?

From: Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby, York.

IT’S a diabolic disgrace that our water bills are to rise (Yorkshire Post, February 1). What next?

Hasn’t anyone noticed this country of ours is surrounded by water?

What’s wrong with dotting our coast lines with a few desalination plants and yoking them up to the dreaded nasties, the wonderful whistling wind turbines?