Vistors face transport shock

From: ME Wright, Grove Road, Harrogate.

IS it significant that the latest rail passenger survey (Yorkshire Post, January 22) made no embarrassing comparisons with quality and cost in the rest of Europe?

With Le Grand Départ a most welcome visitor to Yorkshire, should we not warn our Continental friends that, if they intend to use the UK rail network, they should start planning now?

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Their itineraries must conform to the complex arrangements of the rail companies, rather than their own preferences.

Failure to do so – or having the temerity to wish to change their arrangements – might well find them ripped off, or verbally and legally ensnared in a web of penalties, so arcane and outrageous as to be beyond even native English speakers.

As to fare levels; they would be well advised to check both their overdraft limit and blood pressure. So far as buses are concerned, here in North Yorkshire, yet more forthcoming cuts will solve that problem for them in an oh-so-British way – shareholders first and to hell with the public.

‘Orrible indeed

From: JM Millbank, Allerton Road, Bradford.

I ALWAYS enjoy Graeme Bandeira’s cartoons and instantly recognised Jeremy Paxman (Yorkshire Post, January 23).

However, I do feel that certain things were missing from the depictions of the ‘orrible lot. Where were the earrings and the tattoos on the back of the necks? Both much in evidence in this god-forsaken part of the world.