We live in fantasyland over £100,000 farmer payouts - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Jack Gooch, Market Weighton

I HAVE just checked and re-checked the date of today’s Yorkshire Post, and yes, it was confirmed that it was not April 1. The report that farmers are to be given payouts of up to £100,000 to retire is beyond comprehension.

Farmers are businessmen and what other private businessman can be rewarded in such a munificent manner for stepping down in retirement?

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Us minions simply have to plan for retirement by paying into a works or private pension scheme. And George Dunn comments that “the scheme would not provide a sufficient amount of money to assist people into retirement”. What kind of fantasyland is this?

One reader says we live in 'fantasyland' over farmer payouts.

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I am aware that the payment is made to encourage tenants to give up their rented property so that the land can be farmed by someone else, but the solution is surely not to pay tenants to leave but to penalise them if they do not use the land for the purpose for which it was rented.

A home in the country is desired but beyond the reach of many and a £100,000 payout from our taxes is unfortunately but rightly not available to make that wish come true. We truly live in a fantasy land.