Why are people blaming Peel Group for the closure of Doncaster Sheffield Airport? - Yorkshire Post Letters

Doncaster Sheffield Airport.Doncaster Sheffield Airport.
Doncaster Sheffield Airport.
From: David Smith, Mirfield.

I read again criticism of Peel Group regarding the decision to close DSA airport.

Several people comment that Peel is a property company. Well yes they are, but who invested in buying the site and building the airport infrastructure? The answer is Peel Group in 2005!

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Who also bought and developed Liverpool Airport, selling 35 per cent of their equity in 2019, remaining the majority shareholder with 45 per cent of the equity? Answer- the Peel Group!

Teesside Airport was another Peel Group site, which struggled to make a profit, so they sold it to local councils in 2018, indicating they are open to a deal if the deal is the best one for Peel and its shareholders.

So talk about their lack of interest in airports is palpably false, but hey, why should facts get in the way of a sound bite.

As a business, Peel Group has a legal duty to consider the needs of their shareholders, which they are doing.

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I have no connection with Peel Group and hope a deal can be worked out with national/local governments to retain the site as an airport, but I refuse to join the mob in hammering a company for making sound business decisions for the good of their business.