Why Ryanair’s hidden charges are a rip-off – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Mike Lacey, Elloughton.

I HAVE just paid for my son and his three-year-old daughter to fly from Mallorca to the UK later this year, then return to Mallorca. Hopefully, by the time they travel, Mallorca will be in the Green Zone like Tristan da Cunha and South Georgia.

The tickets for the two of them were about £288.00 – not too bad, but that’s just the beginning.

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For one checked-in piece of luggage each, plus confirmation that their cabin bag will actually go in the cabin, then of course the confirmed seats, it’s another £197.50. I didn’t bother about food and drink, as it’s only a two and a half hour flight.

Do airlines like Ryanair offer value for money?

Where will this end? I am old enough to remember when you bought a ticket to fly from ‘A’ to ‘B’ and that was that. No extras for bags, unless you exceeded your allowance, no extra charge for your seat, and the meal and drinks were included in the ticket price.

Now there’s always something extra to be squeezed out of the travelling public.

You want to be dropped 
off/picked up at the airport terminal – no problem, just 
pay. You want to go through security quicker – no problem, just pay.

I recall Michael O’Leary, the boss of Ryanair, being asked if he might charge to use the toilets on the plane. His eyes lit up, what a great idea!

Do airlines like Ryanair offer value for money?

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