Why the Government shouldn’t abandon the pub sector – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Dave Ellis, Magdalen Lane, Hedon.

In many villages and towns the public house, or pub, is the beating heart or ‘hub’ of these communities, Yorkshire Post 30 August 2022.

If the government does give the hospitality industry help, the large pub companies need to support their hardworking tenants by looking at reducing the monthly rents in order to give them a chance of surviving, and supporting their families, by keeping a roof over their heads and providing a valuable service to the community.

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When energy costs are increasing by 300 per cent along with staff wages then tenancy contracts need to be re-evaluated to keep these businesses sound and viable.

Pubs can help keep people warn during the winter months. PIC: PA PhotoPubs can help keep people warn during the winter months. PIC: PA Photo
Pubs can help keep people warn during the winter months. PIC: PA Photo

There is a good business case to include pubs in the government’s ‘warm bank’ initiatives by providing social events like quizzes and bingo to keep people both entertained in a lukewarm environment during the autumn and winter months. Many pubs are already doing this. Bring back traditional pub games like dominoes and shuffle the coin.

Libraries, village halls and art galleries are appealing to some but not all and this is where pubs play an important part in most communities.

If you use Wetherspoons, as an example, the business model, created by chairman, Tim Martin and his management team caters for all user groups across society, from those having a breakfast or brunch at weekends, with bottomless coffee and tea, value meals with a drink all day long, to the those who wish to have a nightcap, or are getting ready to go to a nightclub.

Many small family run independent pubs also have the ability to offer good value for money food and if suppliers.

The next Prime Minister shouldn’t abandon the hospitality trade but support it.