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From: James Bovington, Church Grove, Horsforth, Leeds.

William Hague is a former Tory leader and an ex-Foreign Secretary.
William Hague is a former Tory leader and an ex-Foreign Secretary.

TORY grandee William Hague is concerned that Scottish independence is back on the agenda as the SNP plans for a referendum before the end of 2023 (The Yorkshire Post, October 2).

While this is ultimately a decision for the Scottish people, it would be good to have a national conversation about what is the best structure for the nations in these islands and particularly England’s role.

The Queen at the official opening of a new session of the Scottish Parliament on Saturday.

What do we want?

Independent nations? A confederation? A federation?

Into the mix come nuclear weapons. Should Britain retain them?

Why is Lord Hague, a former Tory leader and ex-Foreign Secretary, concerned that Scotland remain in NATO?

Outside NATO, the Irish Republic is an excellent ‘force for good in a world at risk’ 
and Scotland could be the same.

Many Scots, particularly the young, are furious to have lost their European citizens rights because a coalition of elderly, and less educated English, 
voted to leave the EU, and the Tory government refused the obvious compromise to remain in the Single Market and Customs Union, despite the parliaments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so requesting.

Edinburgh’s young can no longer live and work in Europe but their Belfast mates can, assuming willingness to obtain an Irish passport.

In their shoes I’d be desperate to say good-bye to isolationist jingoistic unwelcoming Tory England that feels threatened when a Lille lad works in a 
Leeds bar improving his 

But it also seems ridiculous to end up having both Scottish and English embassies everywhere.

So we need a national conversation.

The thoughtful suggestion that our common interests would best be served by creating something similar to Scandinavia’s Nordic Union could see the existing Anglo-Irish Council expand to fill this role. Progress can’t be made until winner-takes-all Tories who view politics like football, but who were elected on 44 per cent of the vote are ousted.

Lord Hague’s comments are a classic example of sickening Tory disingenuity when he states that Vladimir Putin would be delighted if the UK union 

The same Mr Putin who welcomed Brexit.

But that didn’t stop the Tories rushing headlong to erect their own Iron Curtain around this island, did it?

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