Wrong theory on big bangs

From: John Woodhead, (Chairman of the British Fireworks Association 2002-2009), Riley Park, Kirkburton, Huddersfield.

NIGEL Bywater’s letter (Yorkshire Post, October 23) regarding a restriction on days of firework usage is misleading.

I was involved in the drafting of the appropriate legislation in 2003 and can assure Yorkshire Post readers that fireworks can be used by the public until 11pm on any day of the year, with the exception of the four days mentioned in Mr Bywater’s letter, when an extension is allowed until after midnight.

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The British Fireworks Association encourages the public not to use fireworks at unsociable times and hopes that in the next two weeks common sense will prevail, as has increasingly become the case in recent years.

Looking for
hero’s family

From: Miss M Holmes, Friers Croft, Wentworth, Rotherham.

WITH reference to Mr Vincent’s report (Yorkshire Post, October 12) I was interested to read about the late Bennett Southwell, whose actions earned him, posthumously, the George Cross.

Mr Southwell’s stepsister was my late aunt by marriage who died in 1991. I never knew Mr Southwell personally but knew some of his nieces. However, we lost touch years ago.

I would be interested to learn about his descendants as I believe it was some of his family who consigned his medal to be auctioned by Dix Noonan Webb in London.

Presumably the Southwells’ offspring (if still alive) would be quite elderly now. It would be nice to find out more about Mr Southwell’s descendants.