YEP Letters: May 19

I read that Stuttgart is to build its railway terminal underground. Just like that! There had been environmental objections but these, presumably, had been overridden or accommodated.

An example of Germany leading Europe and probably the world in its confidence, progressive-mindedness and internal unity.

Our pretend government should visit Berlin along with regional civic leaders and learn how to manage projects, distribute funding, implement programmes and achieve objectives in the political, economic and social spheres.

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The Germans have the best leader, the most efficient systems and regional policies.

Or must we persist with the old guard, the school chums, the cliques, elites and spivs on one side, and an unpatriotic, demoralised, alienated short-changed people on the other?

I think if Yorkshire and Humberside were asked to vote on whether to have Merkel or Cameron as their leader from either Berlin or London, they would choose progress, fairness and prosperity over the collection of Burlington Berties.

PAUL KILROY, Spennithorne Avenue, Leeds LS16

Land should be open to all

REGARDING the letter from Martin Robinson regarding his and the Yorkshire Birders’ concerns over St Aidan’s site (YEP, May 3). Are these birders aware that the St Aidan’s site is governed by a Declaration of Trust dated May 25, 1994, reference number 1039113?

The objects of the trust are “to hold the land upon trust for the Corporation to make the land available in the interests of social welfare for public recreation and leisure time occupation for those living or working in or resorting to the South Leeds area within which the trust land is situated with the object of improving the conditions of life of such persons and to provide access and facilities to and upon the trust land for the furtherance of or incidental or ancillary to these purposes.”In August 2010 the Trustees – Leeds City Council – reported to the Executive Board of the Charity Commission that the footpaths would be accessible throughout the year. It also explained that the land would be used for recreational activities such as, “walking, wildlife watching and exploring, cycling, horse riding, kite flying, angling and the like”.

Perhaps the birders should accept that the site is available to everyone to pursue a variety of leisure activities as per the Trust.

EM WOODHEAD, Astley Avenue, Swillington

Shameful state of cemetery

I FEEL so sorry to have to write this but after going to Killingbeck cemetery yesterday I have never felt so disgusted and upset at the overall state of it.

Yes, the grass had been strimmed but it just resembles a hay field. The cut grass was at least two foot tall and left all over the graves.

Where is the respect for the dead? Sorrowful.

Name and address supplied

Surely this is not poverty

THE TIME has come to relegate the word ‘poverty’ to the waste bin. Poverty means grinding hardship, it doesn’t mean being able to afford a third TV or a second foreign holiday. But there are people who regard a life on benefits as the easy option and are happy to live on taxpayers’ handouts.

Not so long ago accepting charity used to be a shameful thing to do and people then were a lot poorer than they are today. If you keep giving people something for nothing it takes away their self esteem and will, to provide for themselves and their families.

How many turn up at the food bank with contracted smart phones in their pockets? Charities are the cause of the problem, not the cure.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

A few taxis spoil it for the others

I SINCERELY hope all Leeds area MPs and those across the other four West Yorkshire local authorities will both speak out and vote against the proposed relaxation of rules governing the operation of taxis, whether hackney carriage or private hire.

Although at least 99 per cent of the operators of such passengers carrying vehicles are responsible people, there are regrettably also a ‘cowboy’ minority element who are not!

Leeds City Council staff monitoring compliance with existing regulations ie vehicle maintenance, insurance and driver conduct have a difficult job as it is, with any lessening of such controls liable to turn it into a jungle with the safety and wellbeing of both passengers and other road users put at risk.

If anything, the present system needs tightening up.

DS BOYES, Upper Rodley Lane, Leeds

Trying to save NHS money...

THERE IS a saying “behind closed doors” – applicable to what goes on, when nine NHS chiefs think that it is alright to spend nearly £200,000 on food and travel expenses – the taxpayers’ money at that.

By comparison, last week I was taken ill in Leeds. The offer of a medicare team was put to me, but knowing that hopefully I could recover without them, and that the cost is substantial, I turned it down and got a taxi at my own expense!

I thought it might help to keep the NHS costs down. Some hope!

Mavis Harrison, Saxton Gardens, Leeds

Dirty protest

SOME WEEKS ago there was a letter about dog fouling from R Kimble. It caught my eye because it mirrored my own experience.

I too wrote to Leeds City Council and after three months of inaction I wrote to my MP and received an acknowledgement two months ago, but nothing since.It seems no one wants to know about this filthy nuisance so we still have piles of excrement and poo bags left on walls etc. Has anyone had any success on this matter and if so, how did you do it?

Bill Humphrey, Boston Spa

Bible answer

M MCGLASHAN wants to know how it is possible for people to still maintain a belief in an invisible, merciful, caring and omniscient God following the shocking murder of Ann Maguire (YEP, May 15).

The answer should have been obvious.

It is because many very sinful people read and study the New Testament of the 

AI Stubbs, Bridlington

Undignified ‘grieving’

UP UNTIL now, I have always been quite fond of TV couple Richard and Judy. That is until they decided to publicly make complete asses of themselves.

After a family bereavement, they have suddenly become aware of “the finality of death” and started behaving in a silly, hysterical manner not worthy of then. Undignified public “grieving”.

The emotionally immature Richard has said how he “wouldn’t give a darn” and would help his wife “over the edge”. He would then, melodramatically, go in a room with a bottle of whisky and a revolver. he sounds like an emotionally, overcharged adolescent, not a grown man. All wild talk. I think he has watched too many films.

What is it with people when they acquire large pots of money? They’ll be joining Dignitas next.

Life is precious; we can never anticipate how it will end. This is what happens when people only believe in themselves. So sad.

If this is what having pots of money brings, I thank goodness I am not in that same league.

John Roberts, St John’s Court, St John’s, Wakefield.