‘Yours sincerely’ evokes respect

From: Sarah Atkin, The Chase, Driffield, East Yorkshire.

WITH reference to the letter from John Rookes concerning Nick Clegg’s failure to reply to letters (Yorkshire Post, July 12), let me say at the outset that I am not a serial letter writer to my MP (nor to editors of newspapers for that matter), however, I have had reason, and on a number of topics, to correspond occasionally with my MP, Greg Knight.

On every occasion, I have had a rapid reply from him, each letter being written in such a way as to evidence that he has read mine to him, and his response is a personal one, not simply a “pro forma” which says nothing of any value or interest.

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While I may not agree with his politics, I have every respect for him as a constituency MP.

Concrete idea

From: Steve Waldenberg, Evesham Croft, Bridlington.

IT was a great shame that the Great Yorkshire Show was beaten by the weather. Those car parks were in a terrible state and I reckon they will all have to be re-levelled etc before they can be used again.

The site owners really should look into installing a type of concrete I have seen, which is in the form of a mesh which allows the grass to grow through, yet keeps the area from churning up when vehicles drive over. As the areas may have to be worked upon, this is a good opportunity to improve them for future years.

Whacked out

From: John Gordon, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon.

WHEN I was at school, admittedly a long time ago, the punishment for misdemeanour was an hour’s detention after school or three strokes on the rear with a plimsoll.

The latter was usually preferred. What happens now in Gove-land? Is divine retribution a sufficient threat in faith schools? Is there a sliding scale for each academy? Is a free school free? It must be a problem as rules are made to be broken, whatever the school.