YP Letters: Transport experts? Let the frustrated commuters decide

From: D Angood, Britannia Close, Leeds

the future of transport in Leeds has come in to question.

Again we see Leeds Council gather together another panel of “experts” to oversee the future of transport developments.

Should the population of the region be afraid or very afraid of the output of said panel of “experts” if past history is to be taken into consideration?

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One has only to look at the Supertram, the New Generation Transport scheme and the cycle superhighway to see the results of past involvement of “experts”.

Surely the experts in this city are those that live and work in the city? They are the ones
who are best qualified todecide on the transport of the future.

The consultation has asked them for their opinions and we can be assured that those opinions will have been posted, but can we be assured that all will be considered and not discarded as irrelevant by the panel on the recommendations of the council?

The panel will have, no doubt, set guidelines imposed by the council as to what they should forward for appraisal, but surely everything put forward by the populace should be available for perusal by the populace and not just the panel and council, otherwise what purpose does holding a consultation serve?

From: Roger Whitaker, Hardwick Road, Pontefract.

I am sure when Liberty was set up, its aims were to help the oppressed.

However, it seems to me that it has become, or is becoming, a support group for the villains, alleged villains or whingers.

In its latest utterings, it has condemned the police for using anti-spit hoods, describing their use as “cruel and degrading”. Why are they cruel?

Anyone who spits at a police officer, or any other person, has degraded themselves.

What are the police to do? To be spat on must be revolting and what about the possibility of the recipient catching some disease from the perpetrator?

Come on Liberty, if not spit hoods what is the answer?

From: G Reid, St Anthony’s Road, Middlesbrough.

Now that the dust is settling, didn’t the American election 
just make the case for the Monarchy?