Message to MPs: You don’t need to pay £39bn to EU to deliver Brexit – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Graham Wood, Station Road, Poppleton, York.

Will th December 12 election break the Brexit deadlock?
Will th December 12 election break the Brexit deadlock?

I WONDER if any prospective MP candidate for the York constituencies in the coming election can explain to voters a Brexit puzzle?

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We know that the UK fulfilled to the letter Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty which takes us legally out of the EU.

Will Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn become the first Socialist premier since Clement Attlee?

Given the clear result of the referendum, why then is it now necessary to bind the UK to a punitive Withdrawal Agreement and a Political Declaration, both of which deprive us of our sovereignty and democracy?

Under these we remain in the EU with no voice, no vote, and no veto, giving away our fishing, and an independent defence and foreign policy and much else besides. We are then told this will cost us £39bn. The candidates owe York residents a clear explanation as we thought we were leaving legally under Article 50.

From: David Nutt, Huby, Leeds.

THE greatest threat to a further term of Tory government perceived by the right-wing press is that the Brexit Party may take enough Leave votes to deny Boris Johnson a majority (Patrick Mercer, The Yorkshire Post, November 13).

These newspapers have therefore directed their guns on that party, telling its supporters that it would amount to Leave treachery, and that they must at all costs abandon their loyalty and vote Conservative. If the motley bunch of Opposition parties can sink their differences to unseat Boris and ensure a Remain outcome, then the time has come for him to have an electoral pact with Nigel Farage.

From: Coun Tim Mickleburgh (Lab), Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

I’M getting rather fed up with these former Labour grandees attacking the current party leadership, of whom David Blunkett (The Yorkshire Post, November 9) is the latest.

After all New Labour ultimately failed, while Ed Miliband’s moderate strategy resulted in the Tories gaining an overall majority. We want a genuine socialist government of the kind not seen since Clem Attlee to enact measures that will benefit the many not the few.

From: RP Brocklebank, Glen Crescent, Melbourne, York.

WHAT happens if a second referendum is held and 48 per cent vote for Leave and 52 per cent to remain in the EU? To be fair you would you have to say “best of three”. Or would the Remainers say democracy rules?