Miners were betrayed by Michael Heseltine so don’t let him lecture us on devolution – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Donald Wood, Round Acre, Barnsley.

Michael Heseltine is still accused of betraying former mining communities.

TO back your case for Yorkshire devolution, which as you know I oppose, you give numerous headlines to Michael Heseltine to support you (The Yorkshire Post, October 23).

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I, for one, am not impressed by this tactic as – unfortunately for you – I have a memory.

Political grandee Michael Heseltine is an advocate for Yorkshire devolution.

It was him, at the end of Miners’ Strike, who told a pack of lies.

He said there was no longer a market for coal to try and justify their actions. What nonsense this was because, even now, we are importing coal from all over the world. But, of course, Michael Heseltine was a bit of a amateur because his ambition was to get into No 10 as Prime Minister.

This he never achieved but you never know, with the state of our parties at the moment, he may yet get there. Funnier things have happened.