My fortnight of misery travelling on Northern’s dirty, damaged and stinking trains - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: HR Newman, Keighley.

Do you agree with this reader's comments about Northern trains?

For a while I have noticed the dirtiness within the carriages of Northern trains.

Northern Rail confirms future plans for Pacer ‘relics’ as just one in two trains now run on time in 2019 lowThis last two weeks whilst commuting I have experienced the following: Three broken seats; one seat in particular fell into the well putting a passenger at risk.

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Beneath that broken seat was a rotten banana skin. The filth and black gunge on the floors stink.

Then there are broken toilet doors, torn cloth on seats and carriages stinking as they have not been cleaned – the stench hits your nose upon entry.

There was a perpetual banging, a tin drumming type of sound, on one particular journey from Keighley to Leeds from the outside of the train.

Yorkshire transport boss says comparing Pacer trains to buses is an insult to busesThere are not enough carriages on some services, as well as broken air conditioning.

It is about time the Government took over this shambles of a company.