Nothing undemocratic in Vince Cable’s call for People’s Vote - Yorkshire Post Letters

Sir Vince Cable is leader of the Liberal Democrats.Sir Vince Cable is leader of the Liberal Democrats.
Sir Vince Cable is leader of the Liberal Democrats.
From: John Collins, Leeds.

YOUR correspondents Pamela Cornwell and Ian Smith (The Yorkshire Post, May 15) attack Sir Vince Cable, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, because he is campaigning for us to remain in the EU. Indeed he and the Lib Dems have led the fight to reverse the decision (by a narrow majority) in the referendum of 2016. They have been right to do so.

It has become increasingly clear how in 2016 many of the voters were deceived by a thoroughly dishonest campaign of the Brexiteers. Many who voted to leave now realise that the advantages of remaining in Europe outweigh the disadvantages. In particular there are real dangers to our continued high employment. During the 40 years we have been at the heart of Europe, not only have we gained more from our links with Europe than any other of the members, but our representatives have exercised a strong influence upon the EU decisions. We are losing all that.

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So the Liberal Democrats have urged a fresh referendum, a so-called People’s Vote. What is undemocratic about that? It is fundamental to a democracy that people can change their minds. If they cannot, it is no longer a democracy, but a dictatorship of those who won the first vote. The truth is that the Brexiteers recognise that if there were a fresh vote the majority would be likely to vote to remain, so they accuse those who support a fresh vote of being “undemocratic”, whereas it is the Brexit campaigners who defy democracy.

Indeed their attitude is also illogical. On their case it was wrong to have had a referendum in 2016, because the previous referendum voted – and voted two to one with every part of the UK voting in favour – to remain in Europe in 1975. That was a democratic decision, but time had passed and a fresh referendum was thought desirable. Time has now passed again and most people see clearly that the decision in 2016 was wrong and ought to be reversed.

From: John G Davies, Alma Terrace, East Morton, Keighley.

BREXITEERS like Pamela Cornwell trumpet their democratic ideals whilst remaining blissfully or wilfully ignorant of the corrupt machinations of the Leave campaign. The Electoral Commission has fined Vote Leave, Leave.EU and Veterans for Britain for exceeding the spending limits.

This leads one to ask are there not sufficient grounds for demanding a re-run of the election. How can we accept a slender 3.78 per cent majority in the light of the Electoral Commission’s findings?