Our Yorkshire Farm: Readers respond after Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen criticised over children's 'unusual' upbringing on Ravenseat farm

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda OwenOur Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen
Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen
Readers have given their wholehearted backing to Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen and her husband Clive over the upbringing of their nine children on their North Yorkshire farm.

It comes after the couple hit back at critics who said their children, made famous by Channel 5's fly-on-the-wall series Our Yorkshire Farm, would not be able to cope in the 'real world' because of their unusual upbringing on their Ravenseat farm.

Here's a selection of your comments.

Sofey Corbetty. Watching this kind loving family makes my heart warm. I just wish I could have brought my children up in this surrounding, instead of the one where stabbings are rife.

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Ian Berrisford. These critics have their brains in their shoes.

Karen Ibbotson. They will have had a much better upbringing than most, they will survive. You don’t have to live in towns or cities to be able to make a living.

Martyn Gath. What about all the children of farmers in the middle of nowhere?

Patricia Jackson. I don’t know how anyone can find anything negative to say about this family, but that’s the way of the world now.

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Beverly Franco. There is nothing wrong with how she raises her children. They are loved and happy, something not all children have. Best childhood ever, good for her.

Woodturner Cahill. They appear to be amongst some of the happiest young people I have seen in a long time. Be very very proud of everything you have achieved as parents.

Kate Gray. It’s not unusual if you live in the country. They have had the best upbringing ever, enjoying being kids and not sucked into all the cr*p that exists in the world. They need to make the most of it.

Alyssa Starelli. I’m a die-hard child-free person, but watching her children in action made me ‘almost’ regret my decision! That said, I don’t live on a farm where I can give my kids so much freedom and responsibility.

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Dougie Russell. Completely the opposite will be the case, their upbringing will serve them well.

Linda Marsden. Really? I had a similar upbringing, as did many children in the rural area in which I lived. We’ve all coped fine.

Andrew Cunningham. God, give them a break. Nothing wrong with their childhood.

Rob Rockman. In the world that’s coming, anyone who knows how to grow/raise food will do extremely well compared to the rest. Perhaps this is why people are blocking motorways?

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Leisa Burniston. What a load of tosh. An amazing lady who brought her kids up with amazing values.

Abbie Hope. Having taught two of the children, they are lovely well adjusted human beings. A real privilege to know and a credit to their parents.

Dawn Howitt. Does that go for all children brought up on farms? Really.

Jose Sevilla. I bet 99.99 per cent of normal people would wish the same upbringing and opportunities for their own kids.

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Jean Little. I think they’ll cope better than most children. They’re not self-centred and seem very well-mannered and kind.

Suzanne Derych. It all depends on perspective – whether they are living in the ‘real’ world or whether we are. Either way, the children will have a strong work ethic, independence, knowledge, and transferrable practical skills. I wish them all well for the future.

Tim Dalley. Far from not coping, I am certain they will flourish. They seem more happy, well rounded and family orientated than most in the UK. They have been given and experienced life skills which will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Drew Chapster. Well done to the Owen family – the life skills you are taught cannot be taught in a classroom. They have to be experienced first hand.

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Sandra Barker. I have visited the Owen’s Farm on several occasions and know the children well. They are the most well mannered respectful children you could wish to meet. Their parents have made a great job of bringing them up.

Wendy Shepherd. Absolute rubbish – their parents will teach them about life better than anyone.

Robin Tyler. Perhaps it is us who have lost our way and can no longer appreciate the values of the good life.

Pauline Mary Brown. How do these critics come to their conclusions? The Owen children are being educated normally in a very loving atmosphere.

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Marg Rush. They are well grounded kids caring for each other as well as the animals. They have respect and enjoy school.

Gail Wirdman. It’s so nice to see kids being kids, enjoying being out in the fresh air, learning life skills.

Cora A L King. Many children are having terrible childhood experiences and not coping with the ‘real world’. Nothing wrong with this family, and the kids do go to school, which is about enough of the ‘real world’ for any child.

Howard Riley. They have been brought up the right way – well done to Amanda and Clive.

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Yvonne Barker. People are fleeing the city life for country life in their drove.

Trish Hickey. The children learn work ethic on the farm which can be just as useful in the cities.

Jemma Slater. Amanda and Clive have brought up these children to be polite, respectful, independent and hard working. People need to get there own house in order before questioning others.

Sheila Aynsley. How stupid, lots of us grew up in rural settings. Mine wasn’t on a farm but we grew our own food, we saw cows in the field and knew where milk came from.

Geoff Wright. Stop Northern-bashing.

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Justyn Castle. They will possess the most valuable skill set going.

Samantha Hellings. Critics need to keep their nose out.

Yvonne Bottom. Well done for the way you bring up your family.

Joanna Parkin. People are so jealous. Leave them alone. The children are so grounded and happy.

Jan Breeds. They will cope a dam sight better than lots of kids brought up on electronic gadgets.

Alison Bray. Life skills are so important.

Christine Hooper. I couldn’t think of a happier upbringing.