Removal of trees near Pugneys Country Park and Sandal Castle could be damaging for wildlife - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Michael Gaches, Sandal.

A reader's picture of Sandal Castle.

What a delight it is to walk in our local country parks. The drifts of bluebells in the woodland at Newmillerdam, the carpets of cowslips at Walton Colliery Nature Park, the variety of bird life at Angler’s and Pugneys have been a real spring treat. All credit to the Wakefield staff and the volunteers who look after these environments, invaluable for both humans and wildlife.

In sharp contrast, it is depressing to see destruction of the environment. Recently a sizeable area of trees, shrubs and vegetation has been taken down on the edges of fields between Sandal Castle and Pugneys Country Park.

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Although the land in question is privately owned, it is situated adjacent to public footpaths that run along Owler Beck and Pugneys Drain.

A picture of a Wakefield park in blossom.

I do not know who owns the fields in question and I accept that farmers have a right to improve land for agricultural purposes. However, I believe that the recent work goes beyond what is reasonable and that it is deleterious to the environment.

As well as constituting an eyesore, it flies in the face of current thinking that field margins should be seen as important areas for wildlife.