Should the A64 be dualled from York to Scarborough? This is what you had to say

Earlier this week, we wrote a leader welcoming the much-needed investment in the A64 - pointing out that if it had been in the South it would have been turned into a dual carriageway a long time ago.

Should the A64 be dualled?
Should the A64 be dualled?

You can read that story here. It created some great debate over on our Facebook page.Here's what you had to say:

Sadie Ashton - This road is a disgrace. Thousand of pounds have been spent on it and it has made no difference. What about someone from the Department for Transport trying to get to Malton on a day in the summer months or even now at the weekend? It’s impossible.

Steven Doherty - We have been working in Whitby for the last two days, travelling from York. Took us nearly three hours yesterday and two hours today. All congested in the same areas so yes it needs a dual carriageway from York to Scarborough.

Pauline Hick - If the A64 was dual carriageway all the way from York to Scarborough, with a bypass at Rillington (which has been on the books for years), all that would happen is that there would be an absolutely horrendous queue of traffic trying to get into Scarborough and Filey.

Craig Coleman - I must agree, with the small hold ups, traffic into the seaside towns is more managed than if we all went at 70mph all the way.

Matt Pickles - Not everyone is a tourist and not everyone is heading to the beach. Day to day commuters would benefit from this.

Stephen Marshall - Blackpool seems to manage. The M55 goes all the way into Blackpool and it’s a bigger resort then Scarborough.

Caroline Stiff - I’ve got family in Sussex and Hampshire. The road and rail infrastructure where they live is pretty awful. Completely inadequate for the demand.

Celia Courtney - There are roads all over the country like this – the A303 and A30 for instance. Put against the inconvenience of them is the environmental damage done by acres of land under new roads. There is no straightforward answer.

Mark Moorhouse - The Hopgrove Roundabout is a joke and needs to be dualled up to the existing dual carriageway.

Paul Best - Personally I spend a hell of a lot on the roads due to my job. Not fit for purpose any more. Also people don’t drive with respect to others.

John Ellaby - Our parents fought in two world wars so we can have a good rant over this.

Jeff Grover - I’d go for a ring road around Rillington and Sherburn, but not a dual carriageway. The traffic into Scarborough on the A64 over the bank holiday was queuing back to Morrison’s. The single carriageway helps to slow the traffic down.

Stephen Booth - There are two existing sections of dual carriageway between Hopgrove roundabout and Malton bypass. Connecting those up, even one at a time, would make a significant difference, particularly York bound.

Allan Sparkes - Not before time – what a disgrace.

Alan JG - Induced demand. Road building doesn’t work.

Sally Baron - If you travel to Torquay from Scarborough, it is motorway from M62 right into Torquay. They won’t be dualling the A64 after spending all this money on new footpaths and pointless improvements lately.

Andy Van Ouzman - Yes but before that must come the A1. The idea in Northumberland there are large stretches of the A1 where it is single carriageway with lots of tractors would be unthinkable in any other modern democracy. It’s like being stuck in a 1950s timewarp.

Liz Musk - There would be a better public transport provision if it were in the South East.

Mark Johnson - The road and rail infrastructure is inadequate and no longer fit for purpose all over the UK, not just in the North.

Shaun Howard - It’s that North South divide again – they don’t care and we don’t matter.

Joan Phillips - Spent an hour stuck yesterday – it’s not before time.

John Dyson - Live in Thornton-le-Dale and travel to Huddersfield for my work.. I never use the A64. but use the back roads. No hold ups, no problem.

Steven Banks - Never mind the A64, what about the A171? It has never been upgraded in 27 years.

Ron Ward - Leave the A64 as it is, we don’t need southerners racing up to Scarborough, Whitby and Bridlington. It’s alright as it is, good things are worth queuing for.

Dale Aga Slinger - Levelling up to them in the South means putting gravel in the potholes and calling it Northern resurfacing.

HiFi Hut - Absolutely. Move a few MPs to live in Scarborough say and then we’ll see some changes as they’d soon get hacked off with the A64 gridlock.

Brendon Bremner Sullivan - Yes I agree. The A64 is a nightmare and needs dualling but needed it 30 years ago. Every sunny day, it is rammed with traffic early doors until late. York ring road needs dualing too as it was built on the cheap and is a mess most days.