Speaker John Bercow is abusing his position over Brexit and should be sacked – Yorkshire Post letters

Speaker John Bercow.Speaker John Bercow.
Speaker John Bercow.
From: Keith Punshon, Willow Bridge Lane, Dalton, Thirsk.

SPEAKER John Bercow’s determination to stop Brexit knows no bounds. Is he saying that he will ignore the convention in a tied vote to support the Government and vote instead to bring it down?

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That he feels his views on Brexit can readily overrule the largest democratic vote in history?

Should Boris Johnson be allowed to marginalise Parliament over Brexit?Should Boris Johnson be allowed to marginalise Parliament over Brexit?
Should Boris Johnson be allowed to marginalise Parliament over Brexit?

That he is superior to the Constitution? This serious constitutional situation sets Parliament and politicians above democratic government. Some are clearly more equal than others.

From: David Loxley, Hartoft, Pickering.

I AM given to understand that the Speaker of the House of Commons has specific duties. She or he must be apolitical and resign from party membership.

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As holder of the office, he or she must conduct the affairs of the House in an impartial manner. Having read through a couple of ‘official’ documents which describe the duties of the Speaker, it seems to me that John Bercow has ignored and trampled upon the apolitical and impartiality protocols of his office. He must go.

From: Dr J P Whiteley, Pool-in-Wharfedale.

EUROPEAN Parliament elections 2014 won by Ukip; 2016 referendum won by Leave; 2019 European Parliament elections won by the Brexit Party.

Now this week the ComRes survey shows 54 per cent of adults think that Brexit should be delivered by any means necessary, including the suspension of Parliament. Anyone noticing a pattern here? Anyone who considers themselves a democrat must accept the will of the people – whether they like it or not.

From: George Hewitt, Spotbrough, Doncaster.

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SO ‘Boris Johnson leading with showman personality’ makes Sarah Todd (The Yorkshire Post, August 10) ‘proud to be British’, does it? Personally the PM reminds me more of the amiable Slim Pickens in perhaps his most famous role, viz the pilot in Stanley Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove.

Can one forget his clownishly reckless determination in the film’s final scene, as, joyously randishing his cowboy hat, he sits astride the nuclear bomb his crippled plane has just released over its Soviet target to wreak destruction not only on his target but on himself? What more fitting parallel could there be to the country’s current buffoonish pilot-in-chief delighting in rabble-rousing his way to Armaggedon on October 31? All that’s lacking is the Etonian top hat.