Speaker John Bercow lessens power of Parliament - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield,

Is Speaker John Bercow too full of his own self-importance or not?

JOE McHugh (The Yorkshire Post, June 16) considers John Bercow to be as good a Speaker as those renowned icons of the role, Betty Boothroyd and George Thomas.

Mr Bercow has many distinguishing qualities, none of which enhances his position as Speaker.

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His sense of self-importance vies with the granite wall, El Capitan, with its power to astound.

And I believe he’d easily win an Olympic medal if there was a category for causing maximum irritation.

But putting these characteristics aside, a Speaker’s central role is to monitor Parliamentary business effectively without favour or bias, but John Bercow seems to make a virtue of interfering on major issues routinely advertising his lack of impartiality with a pomposity that would elevate a lead balloon.

His justification for all this prejudice is his determined role in protecting the sovereignty of Parliament in the face of executive power but, in his overt hostility towards Brexit, he thinks nothing of conceding an avalanche of crucial sovereignty to the bureaucrats in Brussels which, in fact, diminishes Parliament by the day.