Substance of policy key as Tories languish in latest poll - The Yorkshire Post says

Once again, our national politics has become stuck in a depressing farce as ex-ministers rush to limit the damage of their leaked correspondence.

Now a new national poll shows Tories have made up almost no ground electorally since Liz Truss’s disastrous mini budget, with the party predicted by a think tank to win just one seat in Yorkshire - and even Rishi Sunak to narrowly lose his seat.

The research, carried out for campaign group 38 Degrees by pollsters Survation, is another worrying sign for the Conservatives as they languish in polls nationally.

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Ultimately, however, with an election looming in the not too distant future, in order to form a real judgement people will be be less keen to see polls about electoral whims, possibilities or likelihoods as they will substance of policy.

Regardless of a person’s politics, the damage done in recent years to the trust between the electorate and politicians of any hue cannot be underestimated. This will not be helped by the latest revelations suggested in the leaked WhatsApp messages of former Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, who alongside ex-Education Secretary Sir Gavin Williamson appeared to show disdain towards some of the hardest working people in the country when commenting about teaching unions.

There will be myriad polls to come from all manner of researchers, from many ideological persuasions, but what is important is giving people the opportunity to formulate an opinion based on policy rather than simply emotion.

At the end of the day, there is only one poll that counts: a General Election. If the Conservative Party is serious about maintaining its position in Parliament, it must show some credible signs of vision and leadership for a country whose electorate is sick of political ephemera.