The Yorkshire Post says: A good read... The joy that books can bring

Is Britain becoming a nation of bookworms?
Is Britain becoming a nation of bookworms?
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THE pleasures of sitting down and losing oneself in a good book are timeless, as potent today for readers on the commute to work or children in the school holidays as they were for those who devoured Dickens by candlelight in the 19th century.

And so a new survey from The Reading Agency that finds most people unwilling to give up on a book is heartening.

It confirms that we remain a nation of avid readers, as much in love with a gripping story,
well-told, whether 
fictional or factual, as we ever were.

For the young especially, developing a love of reading is a habit that will turn into a lifelong pleasure, and is much to be encouraged.

As the Agency points out, it can even do our health good. So set aside the mobile and tablet, and open a book instead.

A world of wonder awaits within its pages.